Giuseppe Cerati

Giuseppe Cerati


Telephone: (630) 840-6451  E-mail:  Office Location: WH9W



Scientific Interest

Since joining Fermilab in 2016, my scientific work has focused on the search of new physics in neutrino oscillation experiments. As a member of the MicroBooNE and ICARUS collaborations, I am mainly interested in searching for sterile neutrinos, as well as in the development of techniques for the reconstruction and analysis of Liquid Argon Time Project Chambers (LArTPC) data; in MicroBooNE I served as MicroBooNE Reconstruction convener in 2018-19. I am also a member of the DUNE Collaboration, where my main interest is CP violation in the neutrino sector. Previously I worked for about a decade on the CMS experiment, with major contributions to the Higgs boson discovery, SUSY searches and Standard Model measurements. In CMS I served as Track Reconstruction convener.

I am involved in several projects aiming at leveraging modern computing techniques to improve the speed and accuracy of event reconstruction algorithms and HEP data processing. I lead the “HEPReco” SciDAC4 project, where we work to optimize CMS tracking and LArTPC reconstruction algorithms for execution on parallel architectures, exploiting both data- and instruction-level parallelism. In the Exa.TrkX project we develop Graph Neural Networks for the reconstruction of particle trajectories, and my main focus in this context is the application to LArTPC data.