Information Technology

The Information Technology Division (ITD) is the IT arm of the laboratory. The primary goals of ITD are to:

  • Keep current operations running smoothly
  • Provide the network infrastructure and services for scientific programs and the laboratory
  • Sustain and improve core IT services used by the Computational Science and AI Directorate and the laboratory
  • Modernize Fermilab’s information systems and services and work to improve business processes

ITD is comprised of the following areas:

  • Networking & Communication including a site-wide campus network; high-speed data center networks; a high-speed wide-area network; communication services such as VoIP, cellular and analog phone services, voicemail and pagers; radio equipment and radio networks; and web conferencing support.
  • Core IT Services including file servers for Windows, Mac and Linux; physical and virtual server hosting and operating system support; central website hosting; database hosting for business and scientific services; system backup and restoration; centrally managed desktop, laptop and mobile devices; central authentication systems; email; calendaring; and Service Desk and managed IT services.
  • Core Business Services including financial, human resource, environment, health and safety and facilities applications; engineering; a library; publications and records management; and content management systems.

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