Artificial Intelligence

         AI for Physics, Physics for AI

Fermilab Artificial Intelligence
At Fermilab, we are committed to artificial intelligence (AI) research and development to enhance the scientific mission of particle physics.

The unique challenges of high-energy physics research present opportunities for advancing AI technologies. From massive and rich data sets to building and operating some of the world’s most complex detector and accelerator systems, the technologies we are developing have potential connections to a broad domain of cutting-edge AI research.

Fermilab’s Artificial Intelligence Project aims to
  • Accelerate high energy physics research with the goal of solving the mysteries of matter, energy, space and time
  • Develop AI capabilities within the national ecosystem that build on high-energy physics challenges and technologies
  • Build community around cross-cutting problems in order to share the work of Fermilab and the high-energy physics community’s AI work with the world

We are deploying AI algorithms to improve our physics measurements and searches to fulfill our scientific mission.  Our research provides opportunities to develop cutting-edge AI technologies: building new algorithms that learn about our complex data to solve big-data computing hardware and infrastructure challenges; embedding AI into sensors and experimental design in extreme environments; and developing operations and controls AI techniques.

To contact the AI project team, email us or join the conversation on our Slack channel.