Daniel Elvira

V. Daniel Elvira


Telephone: (630) 840-3604    E-mail: daniel@fnal.gov    Office Location: WH11E
Professional Affiliations: APS Member, AAAS Member, Member of the National Society of Hispanic Physicists



Scientific Interest

I am the Head of the Artificial Intelligence and Software for Physics Applications Department (AISP) within the Computational Science and AI Directorate (CSAID), which includes accelerator modeling, simulation, event reconstruction, and analysis tools. Our current focus is on adapting Artificial Intelligence techniques and using them in HEP applications, as well as on re-engineering and porting HEP code to new computing architectures with accelerators (GPUs, FPGAs, ASICs). We also develop, maintain and support physics software tools for accelerator, physics, and detector simulation such as Synergia, Geant4, GENIE, and PYTHIA. In addition, we provide direct support to Fermilab experiments and projects in the areas of machine learning and reconstruction, as well as accelerator, physics, and detector simulation. As a particle physicist, I am a member of the CMS experiment at the CERN LHC proton-proton collider where I serve as co-convener of Software and Computing R&D, and search for new physics within the framework of Supersymmetric (SUSY) and exotic theoretical models. In particular, our group at the Fermilab’s LHC Physics Center performs gluino and direct stop production searches in hadronic channels, as well as dark matter searches with semi-visible jets in the final state. I also serve as the co-head of the CMS-SCD Department within the Particle Physics Division (PPD), the home organization of CSAID scientists in the CMS group. In the past, I have served as coordinator and convener of the CMS JetMET and Hadronic SUSY groups.