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Q&A with Frank Würthwein, Open Science Grid executive director

From Fermilab Today, September 23, 2015

Frank Wuerthwein

Frank Würthwein
Photo: Ben Tolo
San Diego

Frank Würthwein is the executive director of the Open Science Grid, which facilitates access to high-throughput computing in the United States. On a recent visit to Fermilab, he gave a talk on the outlook for OSG now that it has reached its 10-year anniversary.

In your recent talk at Fermilab you talked about how Open Science Grid is entering into "teenagehood." What do you see as OSG's goals for the next decade?

We've always wanted to be open to all of science, but in the first five or six years, the focus was entirely on getting the LHC to work well. We've since demonstrated successfully what we had always claimed — whatever we do for the LHC will also be useful generically, because computers don't care what the bytes are that they compute on or the programs that they run. We now have data to show that OSG benefits all of science.


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