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 The Internet of Things

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Don't fall for ransomeware - Imagine you attempt to log in to your computer, and rather than seeing your log-in screen, you see only a screen stating your files have been encrypted (converted into a code you cannot read) and that the only way to retrieve them is to pay a ransom. The use of ransomware has increased exponentially in the past year, particularly because it results in the best bang for the buck for an attacker. Read full article

The Internet of Things - More and more devices are being built with network capability: refrigerators, televisions, cameras, even toys. There is certainly a benefit to this, as it provides functionality that wasn’t available before. This can include advantages such as extended multimedia capability of televisions, monitoring static cameras from anywhere and controlling devices via a web portal. The benefits of this Internet of Things are readily apparent. However, there is a downside, too. Read full article

Shiny new things - The holiday season is here, and along with it, gift giving and receiving. Many people’s lists include tech gadgets and devices. But be careful. Just because a new technology appears sleek and fun, doesn’t mean there are no security risks. Please leave these devices at home and off the lab’s network. Read full article

*** Computer Security Awareness and Tech Day - Wilson Hall, Dec. 7! ***

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