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Improving searches in INSPIRE

From Fermilab Today, July 2, 2014

Heath O'Connell
Heath O'Connell

Heath O'Connell, head of the Information Resources Department

INSPIRE, the key information system for high-energy physics worldwide, provides comprehensive databases and associated services covering research, conferences, jobs, experiments, institutions and people in the HEP community. As reported in a previous column, Fermilab is a strong contributor to INSPIRE.

In May, Fermilab hosted the third annual INSPIRE Advisory Board meeting. The board welcomed China's Institute for High Energy Physics (IHEP), which joined the INSPIRE collaboration of CERN, DESY, Fermilab and SLAC. In addition, scientist Rob Kutschke participated as Fermilab's new INSPIRE Advisory Board representative. Among other things, board members discussed efforts to manage experimental data sets in INSPIRE by preserving them in the database, assigning them unique digital object identifiers and linking them with the papers they appear in.

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