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New SCD department springs into action

From Computing Bits, March 2015

Lisa Giacchetti

Lisa Giacchetti, head of the
the Distributed Computing
Services Operations

This spring ushers in many welcome occurrences: the temperatures are getting warmer, the snow is receding, baby buffalo are expected and the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) will restart its physics program, ramping up to 13 TeV to explore ever deeper into the mysteries of the universe.

For Lisa Giacchetti, head of the Distributed Computing Services Operations (DCSO) department, and her team, this latter development will be a significant focus of their work for the next few months. Among other responsibilities, DCSO is responsible for the services that provide an interface to data storage, transfer and accessibility for the CMS experiment.

“Fermilab is the largest Tier-1 Center for CMS, and the LHC Physics Center here is a highly specialized and heavily used Tier-3,” says Giacchetti. “We are the place where people come to get their work done. We have to make sure our facility is up to the standards it needs to be for the next LHC phase.”

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