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Fermilab hosts first C++ school for next generation of particle physicists

From Fermilab Today, August 13, 2014

C++ school

Leah Hesla

Colliding particle beams without the software know-how to interpret the collisions would be like conducting an archaeological dig without the tools to sift through the artifacts. Without a way to get to the data, you wouldn't know what you were looking at.

Eager to keep future particle physicists well-equipped and up to date on the field's chosen data analysis tools, Scientific Computing Division's Liz Sexton-Kennedy and Sudhir Malik, now physics professor at University of Puerto Rico Mayagyez, organized Fermilab's first C++ software school, which was held last week.

"C++ is the language of high-energy physics analysis and reconstruction," Malik said. "There was no organized effort to teach it, so we started this school."

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