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Fermilab leads in developing software for LSST Dark Energy Science Collaboration

From Fermilab Today, January 22, 2015

LSST Computing

From left: Fermilab's Jim Kowalkowski,
Marc Paterno, Saba Sehrish, Steve Kent,
all of the Scientific Computing Division,
and Scott Dodelson, Particle Physics Division,
contributed to DESC as part of its Software
Working Group, which Dodelson leads.
Photo: Rich Blaustein.

Rich Blaustein

At the supercomputing conference SC14, held in November, Fermilab astrophysics and computing experts achieved a milestone with a demonstration run of the analysis framework software they are developing for the Dark Energy Science Collaboration (DESC) of the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope.

The LSST, whose construction is led by SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, is currently in the advanced design phase and will be placed in Cerro Pachon, Chile. It will be the tool for the world's largest imaging survey, taking repeated images of the southern sky beginning in 2020.

The software and data processing demands for the DESC are challenging, to say the least.

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Updated Jan. 22, 2015

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