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Open Science Grid at Fermilab

From Fermilab Today, April 23, 2014

Chander Sehgal
Chander Sehgal

Chander Sehgal, OSG project manager

The Open Science Grid is a sharing ecosystem in computing for researchers in nearly all fields of science. OSG members connect their resources both to perform computing for their own experiments and to make available what they do not use at that time to other OSG members.

The collective nature of OSG makes science advances possible on a global scale. Many experiments have collaborators who are geographically scattered, and OSG allows them to connect their distributed computing resources to the "grid," effectively using a common set of tools for that experiment.

Also, communities are often able to afford resources only for their average workloads, and that can create bottlenecks during peak periods such as during the run-up to summer conferences. With the sharing power of OSG, experiments can "borrow" computing opportunistically from other OSG partners to accomplish their work in time frames that would otherwise be impossible.

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