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Network upgrade for the Fermilab Village

From Fermilab Today, December 17, 2014

Timothy Niemic Andrew Rader
Timothy Niemiec Andrew Rader

Timothy Niemiec, telecommunication specialist, and Andrew Rader, network architect

Since scientists rarely keep a 9-to-5 work schedule, it is important for them to have network access around the clock. This is also true for our visitors staying in the dorms and residences in the Fermilab Village.

Unfortunately, lack of high-speed fiber connections and aging infrastructure made the Village network inadequate and unreliable. Village guests sent a clear message that they wanted the situation improved. As a result, a project was undertaken to provide the Village with networking service comparable to the standard service we have in our homes. The new Village network service is based on the modern VDSL2+ standard and runs over repaired copper phone lines. This is the same technology that is used by many network service providers for residential areas.

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