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LArSoft provides common framework for neutrino experiments

From Fermilab Today, May 15, 2015


Several current and future neutrino
experiments will use liquid-argon detectors,
such as the MicroBooNE detector pictured
here, to discover new physics. The
LArSoft software package was created
specifically for these experiments,
including MicroBooNE and the future
DUNE and SBND. Photo: Reidar Hahn

Diana Kwon

Liquid-argon time projection chamber (TPC) detectors play a critical role in measuring the properties of neutrinos and their interactions with matter. To maximize physics output and minimize cost, liquid-argon TPC experiments in the United States all share and contribute to a common physics software package, LArSoft.

These experiments include MicroBooNE and the Short Baseline Neutrino Detector (SBND) at Fermilab and the future international Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment (DUNE) in South Dakota.

Before the days of automation, when bubble chambers were used to identify and measure subatomic particles, researchers would take photographs of these chambers and scan for particle interactions by hand. This was less than ideal; events are complicated and difficult to reconstruct, so the process was long and vulnerable to human error.

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