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Heroes of NOνA: SCD increases NOνA uptime to 100%

From Computing Bits, June 1, 2016

Detector uptime before and after the RSI group resolved the
DAQ software issues. The light blue line represents the uptime
percentage. The dark blue line represents the percentage of time
the detector is on. Since fixing the two applications, the light blue
line is consistently at 100% whereas previously it fluctuated greatly.

The ‘Hero of NOνA’ Medals may not be real medals, but the work done to earn them had a very real impact. Ron Rechenmacher, Eric Flumerfelt and Kurt Biery from SCD’s Real-Time Software Infrastructure group solved a challenging data acquisition software problem that was preventing the NOνA detector from reaching maximum uptime and were therefore “awarded” honorary virtual medals.

Since the detector is very large, NOνA scientists started running it in phases while finishing construction. As more of the detector started running, DAQ crashes began occurring. After working on the problem for a year, NOνA asked RSI, which supports the DAQ software for many experiments, to work on it.

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