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The science of data collection

From Fermilab Today, July 23, 2014

Kurt Biery
Kurt Biery

Kurt Biery, head of the Real-Time Software Infrastructure Department

Whether an experiment at Fermilab is carried out through a short exposure of a prototype detector to a particle beam or a multiyear run of a large detector with hundreds of thousands of data taking channels, they all need data acquisition systems to collect their data.

The primary purpose of such a system is to convert the signals from the detector components into digital data, organize the data into well-defined blocks, select subsets of the data that pass specific acceptance criteria and store the data on disk for later storage and analysis.

In some experiments, the data acquisition needs are modest, but many experiments have technically challenging requirements, such as transferring tens of gigabytes of data per second and selecting the 0.1 percent of the data that contains the interesting physics.

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