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Recruiting diverse talent for Computing

From Fermilab Today, Jan. 20, 2017

Krista Majewski and Lisa Giacchetti of Scientific Computing Division get ready to greet candidates for summer internship programs. Photo: Tanya Levshina

Krista Majewski and Lisa Giacchetti of SCD
 get ready to greet candidates for summer
 internship programs. Photo: Tanya Levshina

Fermilab takes hiring decisions very seriously. Each job opening must be approved not only by a management chain, but also by a special committee led by Fermilab’s director. The hiring process can be long and sometimes stressful. It can take several months to find the best candidates, and, once they are selected, members of the selection committee must interview each one and deliberate at length about the interviewees’ answers and qualifications.

In Computing, we are trying our best to follow Fermilab’s guidelines of hiring diverse talent and are committed to improving workforce diversity and workplace inclusion advancement. Unfortunately, the initial pool of resumes we typically get is not diverse. For example, for one open entry-level position, we received 24 resumes, only three from women.

As a result, Computing has started several initiatives, working with Fermilab’s Diversity and Inclusion and Talent Acquisition offices, to expand the applicant pool. One such initiative was participating in a local Anita Borg Institute. ABI is a nonprofit organization founded by computer scientist Anita Borg. Its primary goal is to recruit women to work in information technology. 

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