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Computing and MRI scans: Learn how Scientific Linux is used by GE Healthcare

From Computing Bits, Sept. 29, 2016

Scientific Linux

At Fermilab we are familiar with working on experiments and projects that extend well beyond the limits of the Fermilab campus. Sometimes we forget that our work also extends into industry and other scientific fields. Scientific Linux is one exciting example of how a Computing project is doing just that. As the SL website states: “Our users come from a wide variety of industries with various use cases all over the globe – and sometimes off of it!”

SL is an operating system that provides a stable computing platform for anyone to use. It is a rebuild of Enterprise Linux customized to fit the needs of the HEP community. SCD’s SL and Architecture Management group supports SL and ensures it continues to take advantage of the most up-to-date scientific software.

We can’t know all the ways SL is being used, but one user we do know of is GE Healthcare. They customized SL to create their own “spin” called HELiOS and have been using it for about four years. Jim Foris, Dave Kraus and Dave Hinz from GE visited Fermilab for the most recent Linux quarterly meeting. “We work in diagnostic imaging. The operating system goes into things like MRI and X-ray machines. If you’re in a hospital and you’re using a large imaging product, it probably is a GE Healthcare product, some of which use HELiOS.”

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