Computing is headed by the Chief Information Officer Rob Roser. It consists of the Core Computing Division (CCD) and the Scientific Computing Division (SCD). View Computing Organization Chart.

CCD is the IT arm of the laboratory. The overarching goal of CCD is to deploy and support excellent and innovative cost-effective computing solutions and services that support Fermilab’s mission. As such, the primary goals of CCD are to:

  • Keep current operations running smoothly
  • Provide reliable and efficient computing centers for scientific programs and the laboratory
  • Provide the network infrastructure and services for scientific programs and the laboratory
  • Sustain and improve core IT services used by scientific computing and the laboratory
  • Modernize Fermilab’s information systems and services and work to improve business processes

SCD provides software solutions and deploys and operates scientific computing facilities in support of the Fermilab program.

  • Its staff works closely with the other laboratory organizations to deliver world-class computing services, operations and software engineering support to Fermilab-based experiments, CMS and the high-energy physics community at large.
  • It interacts with the experimental community to determine capacity, availability and capability requirements and to procure resources as necessary.
  • It engages in R&D activities required to maintain or advance capabilities necessary for the success of Fermilab’s future physics program.


Rob Roser ImageRob Roser
Chief Information Officer

Jon Bakken

Jon Bakken
Head of Core Computing Division

Panagiotis Spentzouris

Panagiotis Spentzouris
Head of Scientific Computing Division