Publications and Talks

General presentations

HEP Data Analytics on HPC, PI Meeting, Rockville, MA, Jul 2018.
Rethinking I/O: Using HPC resources within HEP, CCE Scalable I/O Workshop, ANL, Aug 2018.
Project status report, Sep 2018.
SciDAC-4: HEP Data Analytics on HPC, Presentation to HEP, Sep 2018.


Fermilab computing experts bolster NOvA evidence, 1 million cores consumed, Jul 2018.
NOvA Anti-Neutrino Result Fit on NERSC, Jul 2018.

Monte-Carlo event generation and Tuning with HPC technology

Simulation of vector boson plus many jet final states at the high luminosity LHC, paper detailing the currently best leading order prediction for V+jets using ASCR’s DIY
Teaching PROFESSOR new math, Talk at CHEP 2018, Sofia, Bulgaria.
Teaching PROFESSOR new math, Talk at MPI@LHC 2018, Perugia, Italy.
High-multiplicity multi-jet merging with HPC technology, Talk at Physics Event Generator Computing Workshop 2018, CERN.



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