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Using Removable Media

As part of the “Tune IT up” campaign, the feature called AutoRun, which allows applications to run automatically from a CD, DVD, thumb drive, and other devices,  will be disabled on all Windows systems starting Tuesday, July 28th. 

Computer viruses can be transmitted by removable media (thumb drives, CDs, digital cameras, etc.) if your computer is set up to open content automatically. 

How do I view or open content from my thumb drive, DVD, or similar devices if automatically running content (AutoRUN) is disabled?


  1. Open My Computer.
  2. Double-click on the drive that hosts your content. In most cases, CD or DVD drives have an icon cd-rom/dvd icon that identifies the drive. Media from digital cameras, thumb drives, and other devices are usually on the "Removable Disk."

    Audio CD Selected

  3. To scan a thumb drive or similar device, read these instructions.

  4. Depending on the media and the program required to run it, the appropriate application may then open automatically--AFTER you have double-clicked, not when you insert the disk into the drive or connect the media to your computer. (If this happens, your computer is still at risk for virus attacks. Contact the Service Desk.)

    If double clicking does NOT open the appropriate program, you may be prompted to select the program from a list.

 *** Remember *** Once you disable content from running automatically, even software installation will not run without your intervention. When installing software from a CD, for instance, you will need to open the CD as described above, then find the executable to run the program, usually labeled exe.

If you have a home computer and you would like to learn how to disable AutoRUN, please read instructions on disabling content from running automatically.


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