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June 6, 2013 V2.0

Fermilab Accelerator Facility Data Management Practices and Policies

Overview: The Fermilab Accelerator Facility (“The facility”) provides particle beams to a set of approved experiments as well as a test beam area for detector technology development. A key deliverable of this facility is a digital record of the data representing selected particle beam collisions (referred to as “raw data”) as well as the detector and accelerator conditions necessary to probe the science of interest to a particular endeavor. The facility provides its users with the means to store, manage, access and share the raw data, the simulation data, as well as all of their research specific data products.

Policy: It is the policy of the facility to provide long-term data storage and data access to all of the experiments and scientific programs associated with the facility in order to ensure the integrity, availability and safe keeping of the data products, associated conditions data, as well as relevant simulation data.

Resources Available: See Computing and Data Resources at Fermilab for an overall description of available resources. Each experiment will be provided a minimal “baseline” level of support for their data needs to get each experiment started. A yearly Portfolio Review is held and resource allocations for each experiment are made taking into account the facilities total demand for computing needs, budgets, and scientific priorities. Exceptional needs may require that additional funding be secured in order to satisfy them.

Data availability and sharing: Fermilab provides the means for facility researchers to access data from anywhere in the world and to share data. There are a variety of systems available to meet wide ranging needs; the appropriate technology choice will be made consistent with a particular experiment’s requirements.

Researcher Responsibilities: The decision as to who has access to the data is the responsibility of the experiment or program to define. Fermilab provides tools to implement the access decisions.

The Experiment must, in conjunction with the facility, define the long-term retention period for its data products consistent with the policy described in Computing and Data Resources at Fermilab. The overall retention length will be determined on a case-by-case basis depending on the scientific relevance of the data and the cost required to maintain it. Individual agreements will be established between each experiment and the facility to document these requirements.

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