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DAQ and Controls 



The CAPTAN has been redesigned to service many applications at Fermilab and in the laboratories of our collaborators at the Purdue University , the University of Coloardo, at Milan and Torino in Italy. The US CMS pixel community is using it to take data in laboratory environments and in the test beam at the Fermi Test Beam Facility (FTBF). At FTBF, the Fermilab Silicon Pixel and Strip telescopes are read out by the CAPTAN system.

Screen capture of the printed circuit board layout for the CAPTAN+

FTBF Strip Telescope

  • The Real-time Systems Engineering Department has delivered solutions for high resolution tracking at the Fermi Test Beam Facility (FTBF).
  • Old pixel telescope DAQ is based on CAPTAN and was Triggered, 2.5cm2 coverage, and 8µm track resolution.
  • New strip telescope is based on CAPTAN too, but it uses 60µm strips (4cm x 9cm) left over from D0. It features dead-timeless readout, 16cm2 coverage, and less than 5µm track resolution.
FTBF Strip Telescope
The silicon strip telescope in situ at the Fermi Test Beam Facility

Other Recent Work For Experiments

  • NOvA: DAQ with GPS synchronization system
  • Mu2e: DAQ, Tracker, and Slow Controls work
  • CMS: Firmware algorithm development for Stage 1 Calorimeter trigger in Virtex 7 FPGA system
FTBF Strip Telescope
The Data Transfer Controller for the Mu2e data acquisition prototype system

FTBF Strip Telescope
The Tracker Readout Controller for the Mu2e Straw Tracker prototype system

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