Fermilab Computing Sector
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Core Computing Division




  • Services Operations Support

    • Desktop Engineering

    • Dell Managed Services





Scientific Computing Division

Systems for Scientific Applications

  • Real-Time Systems Engineering

    • DAQ Controls and Detectors

    • Real-Time Software Infrastructure

    • Detector Electronics

    • Physics Research Equipment

  • Scientific Software Infrastructure

    • Build and Releases

    • Tools and Advanced Computing

    • Framework and Software Technology



Scientific Computing Facilities

 Scientific Programs

  • CMS
  • Cosmic Frontier
  • Theory

  • Intensity Frontier

  • Emeritus Scientists


Scientific Computing Services

  • Grid and Cloud Services
    • Grid and Cloud Services Solutions
    • Data Preservation
    • Grid and Cloud Services Operations


  • Scientific Data Processing
    • Data Management
    • CMS Operations
    • Databases and Applications




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