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Grid Computing

Distributed Computing Grids have become relied upon as production quality infrastructures on which to run a wide variety of scientific and research applications. Their use globally for peta-scale job execution and data distribution and storage is still a cutting-edge activity in the field of distributed computing. High Energy and Nuclear Physics have been leaders in the field, depending on a set of federated grids for the distribution of their petabytes of event and simulation data and the execution of millions of jobs.

Fermilab has made and continues to make many contributions to the development, deployment and operation of the distributed computing infrastructure and software tools. These accomplishments are the result of very close collaborations between the Run II and US LHC experiments and the Fermilab base program, the World Wide LHC Computing Grid, and the middleware technology groups Condor, Globus and SRM. More information can be found below:



Consisting of Common Grid Services, many of them High Availability, for use by experiments and Virtual Organizations (VOs) hosted by Fermilab; support for stakeholder bi-lateral interoperability between resources on the Fermilab Campus; Open Science Grid Interfaces and interfaces to permanent storage systems.

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Open Science Grid

Provides the underlying services to enable computing for a broad range of scientific and research communities.

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US CMS Distributed Computing Facility

Provides a common distributed system in the USA used by CMS physicist throughout the world.

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