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Personal Computing Environmental Policy 

Fermilab is committed to managing the life-cycle of computers in accordance with environmentally sustainable practices.  To support this effort, all Fermilab employees, visitors and contractors shall adhere to this policy and the procedures which implement this policy.

Acquisition – Fermilab is committed to meeting the prescribed federal acquisition goals for electronic assets by purchasing qualified computing equipment which meets the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) registration requirements. Requisitioners must provide justification for any acquisitions that are not EPEAT registered.  These justifications must be reviewed and approved by a designated approver.  Purchases that may cause the failure to meet these goals may be denied.

Utilization –  Computing assets will be operated in an energy efficient manner.  In particular, procedures define standards for power management of monitors, laptop displays, processing units, and resource utilization standards for printers.  Energy saver recommendations for desktop operating systems can be found in the respective baseline documents for Mac OS (see Section 4.4, Energy Saver Preferences) and Scientific Linux Linux OS (see Section 11.5, Power Saving Features.  Windows is currently being migrated from XP to Windows7 to support power management features.  All computers in the Fermilab domain will have these standards automatically applied.

Disposition – Disposal of Fermilab’s computing assets will be managed in an environmentally sound manner detailed and coordinated by the Business Services Section Property Management Department.

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