Service Operations Support

(Jerry Guglielmo, Head; 14 Staff; 25 Managed Services Contractors)

The mission of the Service Operations Support Department (SOS) is to provide a secure computing environment by offering authentication services for business and scientific computing, empower and enhance the productivity of our desktop and mobile device users and efficiently resolve daily challenges by providing a customer focused single point of contact for IT services and support, and supporting an engineering project lifecycle management system.

  • Central authentication services that other service providers can leverage to allow users of their service authenticated access to the service
  • Federation services providing access to single sign-on authentication for web services. Service Providers participating in Federation will be able to leverage single sign-on through web clients and command line tools as well as allow access from external federation partners
  • Multi-factor authentication services including Personal Identity Verification Interopability Cards for Fermilab associates with administrative access to the network, authentication infrastructure and servers containing PII information
  • Desktop/laptop/mobile device lifecycle with cradle-to-grave support and management of these devices, including: working with users to understand and meet their requirements on hardware, software, and peripherals; support during customer use; and assistance with end-of-life replacement and excessing
  • Desktop/laptop central management services that monitor, reports and provides uniform installation and configuration of Windows and Mac operating systems, software, and security settings
  • Technology Store which evaluates and defines standard computer models, purchases computers and peripherals, and facilitates software purchases
  • Anti-virus services for Windows and Mac environments
  • Installation, support and troubleshooting of computer aided engineering (CAE) software packages such as ANSYS, NASTRAN, COMSOL, etc.
  • Engineering data management system (EDMS) called Teamcenter which manages all lab wide engineering data described in Fermilab’s engineering manual