Tammy Whited

It’s been just over a year since Fermilab achieved ISO20000 certification, and last month, we passed our first surveillance audit.  Congratulations to the service owners, service providers and process owners who worked so hard!

It has been a busy year for Service Management. Many changes in people, services and capabilities occurred.  Several service areas in both divisions have been working to onboard at various levels to the ITIL processes, and we introduced a “service onboarding lite” checklist to help to understand the process.  ServiceNow was expanded, both to continue to improve our IT Service Management program and to expand the tool to allow for additional capabilities.

Recently, we have been holding “Year in Review” meetings with each division and section across the laboratory. These meetings have been producing good feedback to Computing Sector management.  These presentations  are available on the Service Management site.

Lots of new faces joined the ITIL Process Owner team.  Robert Harris became the capacity manager, and Michael Diesburg became the availability and service continuity manager; Brian Mckittrick became the service level manager and group leader for the ITIL process owners; Anthony Donzelli came to us from Office Max as our new Incident Manager.  We expanded the business relationship management process to include the scientific liaisons, led by Ruth Pordes and Margaret Votava. We certified 14 people on ITIL v3 foundation training, and trained 64 people on the ITIL v3 refresher course.  We will continue training efforts for both courses, hopefully, in February or March.

Scientific Computing Division made great strides in implementing ITIL processes. Data storage is the first SCD ISO-certified service, while several service areas and offerings have implemented incident, problem and change and have service offerings defined in the service catalog.  Ruth Pordes is the SCD service management coordinator and has worked closely with Brian Mckittrick to make this process go smoothly.  They have also worked closely with NOvA, Darkside-50 and now Mu2e on technical scopes of work that align with Computing Sector services and service level agreements.

Core Computing Division continued to add services to ITIL process and specifically certified Team Center and Engineering Services on ISO20000. 

We expanded the use of ServiceNow to improve service and customer reporting and added the ability to package enhancements and defects into releases. We also implemented account lifecycle management for select experiments and projects to improve the ITIL onboarding experience.  We made improvements to stock catalog and implemented a paperless material move request.  Furthermore, we are working on new functionality to make ServiceNow the authoritative source for configuration items and the interface for registering personally owned devices to use the Fermilab network.

What do we expect in 2014?  We will be working to complete SCD onboarding to incident, problem and change processes and certify one more service to ISO20000. We will develop a standard approach for completing TSWs to improve implementing and maintaining them.  We will work towards onboarding Facility Operations.  We will develop training sessions for service owners and service providers to help incorporate the processes and updates into their daily work.  We are interviewing candidates for a business relationship manager to relieve me from day-to-day activities in that area.  Improvement of the continuous service improvement process to incorporate it as the way we do business.  We will continue to expand communications as a process and implement Knowledge Management to ensure we oversee service documentation and make it easier to find appropriate information.

~Tammy Whited