--- The FCC main parking lot and the path from FCC to the Switchyard parking will be closed for sealcoating and striping. Please remove your car from the FCC main parking lot before 6 p.m. on Friday, July 29.

--- Symmetry magazine recently published an article titled "The most important website in particle physics" about INSPIRE, the High Energy Physics literature database that CCD's Information Resources group helps maintain.

--- CCD’s Valerie Higgins recently added websites regarding the Run II Joint Computing project to the archives for preservation purposes. The original websites were from the 1990s and cover significant achievements from the time. To see these or any other Fermilab archived webpages, contact Valerie Higgins at vhiggins@fnal.gov to set up an appointment.

New Employees

John Brandt
(CCD/Network and Communication Services/Telecommunications)

Tom Porter
(CCD/Information Systems/Enterprise Engineering Applications)


July anniversaries
(5, 10, 15 & 20+ years)

Sheila Cisko- 37 years
Don Flynn- 32 years
Ken Fidler- 28 years
Laura Mengel- 25 years
Kurt Biery- 21 years
Philippe Canal- 21 years
Jim Fromm- 20 years
Kevin Hill- 15 years
Alex Kulyavtsev- 15 years
Chris Green- 10 years
David Mason- 10 years
Maung Han- 5 years

Managing software, minimizing cost

A walk through Fermilab’s campus reveals old barns alongside modern buildings and original sculptures―an eclectic mix that mirrors the diversity of old, new, customized and standard technologies represented in Fermilab’s computing landscape. This variety can make it challenging to meet the multiplicity of user requests while realizing the potential financial benefits of managing software purchases. In Computing, we have discovered that one way to overcome this challenge is to engage Supplier Manager Rick Kautz to understand what users need and approach Fermilab’s diverse technology landscape from a lab-wide perspective.

Kautz oversees the big picture of hardware contracts and software licenses. He came to Fermilab four years ago and revamped the process of managing software by implementing a centralized software management system. Using this system has many benefits including significant cost savings, improved user experience, legal compliance, enhanced support and security and increased availability of software licenses to Fermilab employees.

With the centralized software management system in place, Computing can now track and respond to license compliance issues, update software to supported versions and leverage enterprise and centrally managed software solutions, which means purchasing licenses in quantities consistent with the demand and taking advantage of economies of scale rather than purchasing individual licenses. In addition to the cost savings, enterprise and centrally managed solutions allow Computing to install applications faster for users and deploy updates through an automatic tool to keep all users of the software in sync. Centrally managed licenses also take the burden off of users to keep track of the licensing since Computing is then able to track the contract and act accordingly when it is up for renewal. 

One example of a successful centrally managed solution purchase occurred a few months ago when a FESS employee requested a license for PDF-editing software that Fermilab did not offer at the time. The employee presented a business case to use this particular software rather than another product already offered and requested 20 licenses for his department. Kautz analyzed the business need, the software and the benefits the software offered to the lab. He then worked with the vendor to purchase a centrally managed solution for this software and to upgrade our existing licenses. Doing so resulted in a cost savings of about 40-percent per license, and now the new software is included in the Fermilab suite of supported applications and available for request through ServiceNow.

From department needs to lab-wide software upgrades, centralized software management helps smooth out cost, support and legal issues at all stages. If you have any questions about new software or hardware requests, submit a Service Desk request.

Combining outdoor activities with the greens of summer brings on pleasant images of a beautiful day; however, encountering some greens of summer will make for a dismal day.  Here are some images and old rhymes that might help you avoid some of these botanical nightmares.

Poison Ivy: Hairy vine, no friend of mine

Poison Ivy: Leaves of three, let it be






Poison Ivy: Side leaflets like mittens, will itch like the dickens

Poison sumac: Longer middle stem, stay away from them








From the CIO: CCD modernizing the procurement process
Rob Roser
Chief Information Officer Rob Roser

Fermilab must complete approximately one-third (many more than any other DOE laboratory) of all of the so-called “DOE 413” projects in the Office of Science.  With these required projects, which involve procuring capital assets, DOE is sending a clear message that we must raise our procurement game in coming years in order to properly support both the projects and the lab’s book of business.

To this end, together with the Finance Section, we have taken a very important step to streamline the procurement process. Members of CCD and the OCIO as well as Finance’s Procurement Department are rolling out the Fermilab eMarketplace, a web-based shopping network where employees can order off-the-shelf, commonly used items for the lab. The eMarketplace is already available for use by authorized users (determined by senior management) in the Technical Division, the Finance Section and Computing. It will be rolled out to the other laboratory organizations over the next few months.

The eMarketplace will improve our overall “source to pay” business processes. Authorized users will be able to quickly and easily find products in popular vendor catalogs and leverage government-negotiated prices. Using eMarketplace will reduce the amount of paper-generated forms, reduce costs to the lab and enable automatic approval of requisitions totaling $2,500 or less.

The beauty of this system is that our computing systems communicate directly to the vendors. Once a requisition is approved, no human involvement is required. A purchase order will be generated automatically and transmitted electronically to the supplier. This automation will not only streamline things and provide greater accuracy by removing much of the human element, but it will also free up Procurement staff for more challenging orders. 

The eMarketplace is the first step in the larger Source to Pay Program to improve our procurement processes and tools. You can read more about the Source to Pay Program on the program SharePoint site. The platform is based on Oracle’s iProcurement infrastructure and leverages a plug-in solution by Vinimaya that helps us manage our online catalogs.

I am excited to provide a new and important capability to the lab that makes life easier for us all. 


CCD Spotlight

Tim Kasza
Facility Operations

I began my career at Fermilab in 1996 in the Equipment Support Department. During my tenure in ESD, I contributed to the management of equipment logistics operations for Computing and the repair maintenance of high energy physics equipment used during the fixed-target and collider experiments.

I joined the Facility Operations department about 10 years ago. As an associate department head/ group leader, an essential part of my responsibilities is to ensure Computing’s data centers and buildings operate reliably and efficiently. To do so, I manage laboratory staff and sub-contractors who perform a variety of preventative and repair maintenance on electrical systems, mechanical systems and other types of critical infrastructure.

I manage the capacity operations for the data centers and gather requirements on space, power, cooling and electrical distribution for the deployment of new computing systems. I collaborate with IT staff, system administrators, the networking and communications services group and others within Computing to provision space for computing systems to most efficiently use existing data center infrastructure.

I also serve on The Electrical Safety Subcommittee (ESS) of the Fermilab Environment, Safety and Health Committee (FESHCom). ESS is responsible for providing guidance, interpretation, approval and recommendations related to implementing Fermilab’s Electrical Safety Program.

OCIO Spotlight

Arthur Lee
Computer Security Operations

I’ve worked at Fermilab for the past ten years in various information security roles including positions in the former Business Services Section, Finance, CCD, and now the OCIO.

My current responsibilities include being deputy group leader for the Computer Security Operations department as well as leading incident response and vulnerability threat management. My work includes identifying cybersecurity threats to the lab, implementing efforts to improve incident response and developing meaningful analytics to help reduce our likelihood of being attacked.

Outside of work, I write cowboy poetry for the occasional publication (got to justify that master’s degree somehow), enjoy reading and street photography and lead myself to disappointment by being a Bulls fan. Most of all, I love spending time with my wife and kids.

-- SCD's Brian Yanny spoke to a group of undergraduate students from Northwestern University's Center for Interdisciplinary Exploration and Research in Astrophysics on Wednesday, July 13 in Curia II.

-- Now playing in the FCC lobby:

"Driving IT Value- Working on the Right Priorities," Tammy Whited, Pink16, Las Vegas, Nevada, Feb. 15. Services login required.

"Bringing Federated Identity to Grid Computing," Dave Dykstra, CISRC 16, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, April 6.

"Deploying a CMDB," Krysia Jacobs, NLIT 2016, Albuquerque, New Mexico, May 2.