--- Fermilab's Computer Security Awareness and Technology Day will be on Wednesday, Dec. 7. As Rob mentioned in his column last month, all employees are invited to participate. For a full schedule of events, click here.

--- There will be a Fermilab all-hands meeting on Monday, Dec. 12 at 10 a.m in Ramsey Auditorium.

--- Fermilab and Argonne will be co-hosting the 2017 National Laboratory IT (NLIT) conference from April 30 to May 3, 2017 at Loews O’Hare in Rosemont, IL. Volunteers are needed for the conference. View volunteer roles here. If you are interested in volunteering, please send an email to nlit2017@fnal.gov.

--- At Supercomputing 2016, Fermilab presented at the Google booth about the HEPCloud project. Read Google's blog post describing the collaborative work between Fermilab and Google: Google Cloud, HEPCloud and probing the nature of Nature

SCD's Burt Holzman presents on HEPCloud at the Supercomputing 2016 Google booth














--- Celebrating the Cubs victory with a livestream on the new FCC digital sign








CCD's Penelope Constanta received a FNAL Volunteer Award "for her support of classroom and ICHEP presentations, as well as her effort to help update the database and registration system of the Education Office. Her assistance has saved countless staff hours by streamlining the registration process for various programs."

New employees

Carol Shay (CCD/Information Systems/Enterprise Applications/Business Applications)



Ed Podschweit is retiring after 45 years at the lab. His last day will be on Dec. 1. Read about some of his favorite memories of the lab in Fermilab Today.

November anniversaries
(5, 10, 15 & 20+ years)

Ed Podschweit Jr. - 45 years
William Barker - 32 years
Lauri Loebel Carpenter - 30 years
Gene Oleynik - 29 years
Mark Thomas - 29 years
Neal Wilcer - 29 years
Wayne Baisley - 25 years
Robert Kennedy - 20 years


Farha Bhimji - Systems Admin I
Andrew Duranceau - Systems Admin I
Art Lee - Computer Security Analysis and Architecture Manager
Mark Kaletka - Deputy Division Head
Brittany Bossarte - Systems Admin I
William Barker - Data Center Facility Operations Coordinator III
Chris Sheppard - Computing Services Specialist II
Olga Vlasova - Database Admin Analyst I
Cindy Arnold - Imaging Services Coordinator
Burt Holzman - Computing Services Manager II
Margherita Vittone Wiersma - Application Dev and Systems Analyst II
Ron Rechenmacher - Engineer, Principal IV
Krzysztof Genser - Computational Physics Dev IV
Anna Mazzacane - Applications Physicist II
Dave Mason - Applications Physicist II
Bonnie King - Systems Administrator IV
Gerard Bernabeau - Computing Services Arch II
Bo Jayatilaka - Applications Physicist II
Dirk Hufnagel - Applications Dev and Systems Analyst III
Neha Sharma - Computing Services Specialist III
Liz Sexton Kennedy - Computing ServicesArch II
Phillippe Canal - Applications Dev and Systems Analyst IV
Jason Ormes - Computing Security Architect
John Galvan - Computer Security Analyst I
Marcia Teckenbrock - Functional Analyst III

Spot award recipients from March 2016 through Nov. 1, 2016




Ted Schmidt

Bernadette Tabor

Marco Mambelli

Jean Reising

Julie Marsh

Jim Kowalkowski

Cindy Arnold

Jo Ann Larson Andrew Norman

Sriram Sankaranarayanan

Adam Lyon
Kris Brandt   Oli Gutsche

Pawel Grawender

  Lisa Giacchetti
Laura Stover   Shreyas Bhat
Kirk Skaar    
Quinton Healy    
Geoff Cluts    
Felix Sotres    
From the CIO: Odds and Ends….
Rob Roser
Chief Information Officer Rob Roser

Hi Folks,

Given we just had an all-hands meeting in which I covered a lot of ground, I am using this column to discuss a few things that did not make it into my all-hands slides. Consider this an extension of your delicious Thanksgiving leftovers.

First, I would love to hear feedback from you on my all-hands talk. This talk is one tool we use to try to widely communicate important topics and allow time for questions. What I like about the all-hands is that we discuss topics that, taken as an ensemble, provide a broader picture of what we are doing in Computing and how it fits in with the lab strategy. I think this broader perspective is important for you to understand. However, I am never sure how successful it is. Suggestions would be very welcome! As always, feel free to stop by my office, send me an email or submit your suggestions through this anonymous feedback form.

I will try to get back to a quarterly schedule, so the next all-hands should be in mid-to-late February). Keep in mind that we have other communication vehicles that we use such as Jon’s weekly newsletter, the SCD monthly newsletter available to SCD staff and my monthly column here. Are these sufficient, or should we be doing more? It is clear that one of the hallmarks of a successful organization is its ability to communicate and keep people well informed. Let us know what you think and how we might improve.

Second, shortly after the beer ran out last Tuesday, we learned the result of our ISO20K surveillance audit that occurred Nov. 21 and 22. This is our yearly audit in which we must demonstrate we continue to be committed to the ITIL model and that we have addressed any deficiencies found in last year’s audit. The auditor focused on the following service areas: Data Center, Managed Print, FermiMail, IMAC and Service Desk. Process areas included Incident, Configuration, Supplier, Availability, Service Continuity, Capacity, Service Reporting, and Service Level Management. Brian McKittrick and Tammy Whited led the audit, but many more played a significant role. We PASSED with high praise! The auditor particularly commented that we are doing a good job, even when being compared to other successful ITIL organizations. So, thank you Tammy, Brian and all those involved.

Finally, one topic that the senior managers at the lab are discussing is how to provide meaningful career paths for those that wish to remain technical. Said differently, “How do we properly recognize and reward individuals that make outstanding technical contributions and desire a career path where they remain technically focused?” While I am sure this topic has been discussed over the years, I think it’s worth another look, given the nature of this lab and its workforce. I will keep you updated as these conversations develop.

I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving and enjoyed a well-deserved break.

~ Rob

Felix Sotres
Information Systems/Business Infrastructure Applications

I joined the Fermilab team earlier this year, and I could not be more excited to contribute to Fermilab’s mission of driving scientific discovery under the Department of Energy. Just knowing that I am putting my own little grain of sand into the pile makes me feel like I am part of something big and contributing back to the community as a whole.

Fermilab offered me the great opportunity to apply and further advance my software development skills in the ServiceNow Development Team. It has been a welcome challenge to get involved in ServiceNow, as it offers several services that support many different departments within the lab. I am very happy in my role with the goal of supporting as many people as I can through ServiceNow and hopefully improve on the services as time goes on. I recently had the opportunity to work and collaborate with my teammates on the Technology Store Reboot project in order to improve the delivery of technology products to Fermilab employees. I cannot express enough how thankful I am that everyone I work with has been very welcoming and willing to share their knowledge and experience with me.

Moreover, I was also involved in the release of our very own Fermilab Mobile App (available in both the Apple App Store and the Android Google Play store). I am elated to be involved in the upkeep and further development of Fermilab’s mobile app as I believe mobile development is a wonderful way to reach and teach people. I’m also signed up to contribute to Fermilab’s 50th anniversary outreach program and am set to join Ruth Pordes in doing a “Charge! Electricity and Magnetism” presentation on Jan. 13. This presentation is of special importance to me because it’s at the Crystal Lake Public Library where I used to study after school. It’s a way for me to give back to the community I lived in for most of my life by getting kids excited about science and STEM fields.

Outside of work I enjoy sailing, working out, competing with my friends in my bowling league and being a nerd with technology.

Lorenzo Uplegger
Systems for Scientific Applications/Real-Time Systems Engineering/Physics Research Equipment

I have been at Fermilab for 12 years, first focused on BTeV and then, since 2005, on CMS. I am currently working for the Real-Time Systems Engineering (RSE) department. RSE performs hardware, firmware and software design and development tasks for projects supporting the cosmic, intensity and energy frontiers. I mainly work on CMS-related projects ranging from the Pixel Tracker to the Central Outer Tracker upgrades for phase II. I also support the silicon trackers at the Fermilab Test Beam Facility (FTBF).
I was responsible for testing, construction and commissioning the CMS pixel detector that is currently taking data at the LHC. I then moved to the phase II upgrade and am currently working on the challenging task of studying possible pixel sensor candidates that are required to survive the very high level of radiation foreseen for the High Luminosity LHC (HL-LHC) run starting in 2024.

Our group is currently designing a generic data acquisition system (DAQ), called Off-the-Shelf DAQ (otsdaq), that many future experiments are expected to use. I am responsible for the integration of the CMS Central Outer Tracker system test DAQ into the otsdaq framework. This system test will be used for the module production and will be distributed to different centers around the world.

Since 2014, I also assumed the Physics Research Equipment Pool (PREP) manager responsibilities. PREP manages a vast assortment of electronic equipment that experiments around the world can borrow at no cost to them.

Outside of work, my life is totally absorbed by taking care of and enjoying my eight-year-old triplets, whose main purpose in life is to drive my wife and me crazy!

Recent presentations:

-- SCD's Jim Kowalkowski gave a featured presentation at Supercomputing 2016. His presentation can be viewed here: "Bringing physics data analytics software infrastructure to exascale"

-- Lab archivist Valerie Higgins created a presentation summarizing the highlights of the last 50 years of Fermilab. Her presentation can be viewed here: "Fermilab: A Frontier History"