Network & Communications Services

(Ray Pasetes, Head; 23 Staff)

The Networking and Communications Services (NCS) Department provides the site-wide campus network for general-end user voice and data connections, high-speed data center connections for our scientific computing, and a high-speed wide-area network for access to our collaborators outside of Fermilab. NCS also services IP address assignment and resolution, time synchronization, and security services. Communications services include FermiMail, FermiCalendar, FermiChat, mailing lists, telephones (analog, cellular, and VoIP), voicemail, pagers, radio equipment and select audio and video conferencing support services. Radio services include maintaining the twelve primary radio networks used on the campus (e.g. Fire and Security, SEWS, Main Control Room, Taxi/Dispatch) in addition to overseeing all licensing of radio frequencies used at the lab, such as those used by the various remote-controlled cranes onsite.

Network research done in collaboration with Fermilab, ASCR (Advanced Scientific Computing Research) and ESnet (Energy Sciences Network) identifies future HEP networking pain-points and researches ways to address those challenges. Network research proposals are based on issues we believe Fermilab will need to address in the near future (~5 year outlook) and aligns them to match the submission guidelines set forth by the DOE. Recently, NCS received three multi-year grants – NDN, SENSE, BigData Express – providing $2M of funding for research into advanced networking and exascale data movement.