Information Resources

(Heath O’Connell, Head; 17 Staff, 3 on-calls)

The mission of the Information Resources Department is to organize and manage information by:

  • Providing Fermilab scientists, engineers and other staff with the information they need to perform their work (Library)
  • Collecting, organizing, preserving and making available the research output of Fermilab, records documenting the essential business functions of the laboratory and items of lasting historical significance (Records Management & Technical Publications Office and History & Archives Project)
  • Supporting the broader information needs of the world-wide high energy physics and astrophysics community through the INSPIRE collaboration
  • Managing and providing content management services such as SharePoint, DocDB, WordPress, Digital Signage and Indico for the lab (Content Management)
  • Producing high quality documents for laboratory staff and providing large scale mounted displays of photos and content to support the mission of the laboratory and for public outreach (Print Services)
  • Providing an efficient, effective and environmentally friendly printing infrastructure at Fermilab through the Managed Print program