Enterprise Applications Operations

(Udaya Manikonda, Head; 14 Staff)

EAO department

The Enterprise Applications Operations Department (EAO) provides comprehensive IT support to Fermilab’ s core business areas. Our solutions range from large, enterprise-wide applications to small, niche systems to collaboration portals and dashboards.

The core business areas served include:

  • Directorate and FRA Board
  • WDRS (HR, Global Services)
  • Finance (Procurement, Accounting, Payroll, Budget Office)
  • FESS (Property Control)
  • ESHQ (Training, Safety, Medical, Key & ID)
  • Computing (Business Infrastructure, Authentication Services)

The primary value delivered is in:

  • Modernization of enterprise applications and services to improve the lab’s business processes
  • Providing standard, easy to use and enterprise-level reporting and business intelligence services
  • Centralizing and standardizing to “single” sources of data (e.g., people, organizations, locations, etc.)