Building PRIMA on NMI Build & Test System

After you log in into a Metronome enabled machine (like, and you setup the Metronome environment

export PATH=$NMI_BIN:/usr/local/nmi-2.4.4/bin:$PATH
export PERL5LIB=$NMI_LIB:/usr/local/nmi-2.4.4/lib:$PERL5LIB
you need to perform 3 steps to build PRIMA:

Fetch the base script

The base script can be found on the FNAL CD CVS site:

and make it executable.

If you just want to cut-and-paste, use:

wget -O
chmod a+x

Create the NMI build files

The script you just downloaded will download all the needed files and create the NMI submit file.

In order to do this, you will need to set a few options:

Optional things to set:

For example, to build PRIMA_v0_8, the following command line has been used:

./ -e -v 1.11.0 -p 0.8 -r PRIMA_v0_8 -g 98312

Submit the build

After creating the build files, all you have to do is submit a build run, take a cup of coffee and relax... it will take quite some time to get the build done.

Cut-and-paste instructions:

cd nmi
nmi_submit build.submit

You can monitor the state of the job on the
NMI Build & Test Web page
Igor Sfiligoi
Last modified: Mon, Oct 20th 2008