The Virtual Organization Management Registration Service

VOMRS Project

US CMS, SDSS, and iVDGL have sponsored an effort at Fermilab, the VOX Project (VO Management Service eXtension), to investigate and implement the requirements, both policy-related and technical, for admitting collaborators into a VO, and facilitating and monitoring their authorization to access the available grid resources.

First production version of the VOMRS (The Virtual Organization Management Registration Service) was released in the spring of 2004. The active project development has been stopped in the winter of 2008. Currently we are doing only maintenance and support for the VOMRS and are working on the VOM(R)S convergence.

The latest version of the VOMRS (v1.3.4a) was released in January, 2010.

The VOMRS is installed at Fermilab, CERN, DESY, VPAC and other organizations and is used by ATLAS, CMS, ALICE, LHCb, OSG, dTeam, Fermilab, DZero, Engage and other VOs.